2askemo (solo coding)

Posted June 24th, 2021 in Portfolio, Web applications by Michiel

With askemo you monitor sentiments and trends in b2b relationships###In 2020 I have been working on a client project called ‘askemo’. I highly recommend it.

As a freelancer, I developed the initial version of askemo using PHP, Laravel and VueJS.

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4Plátino Framework (solo coding)

Posted May 27th, 2011 in Web applications by Michiel

A custom made PHP framework with different modules like a content management module, a webshop and a statistics module.###This is one of the largest projects I have worked on. It is developed in 2009 – 2011 and I am still maintaining it. The framework contains a library of functions which can be used to create new modules. One of its special features is the setup module. This module makes it possible to install new projects quickly.


Platino pages

– Module management
– Content management module
– Webshop module
– Statistics module
– User management module
– Contact messages module
– Setup module
– Content Delivery Network (CDN) support
– Automated minifying and cache busting support
– Clean SEO URLs
– Custom “Page not found” and incorrect page registration
– Timezone support
– Multilanguage support
– Solid architecture

Webshops built on Plátino Framework
Oldschool Products

Websites built on Plátino Framework