Welcome to my software journey. My name is Michiel.

Starting from a young age, computers have always fascinated me. I love to research various types of technologies. Software became my main focus.

In January 2010, my business partner Arno Tenkink and I registered our first company: Tradosoft. Our initial service was computer service at home and developing web applications for clients. In March 2011 we started developing computer games instead of offering computer service.

In September 2011, I started studying the programming variation of International Game Architecture and Design at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences. During this study I learned about computer game programming and design and specialized in Operating System Development.
Topics include artificial intelligence, multithreading, optimization, software architecture, graphics (raytracing, rasterization and OpenGL), networking (TCP and UDP), Android, tools, Assembly, audio, procedural, special effects and PlayStation 4 programming.

In November 2016, I graduated and started working full time in my first office with one intern doing web-, app- and software development. This job involved basic administration, management, client acquisition and support. I decided to close the office as of February 2018 and apply for a job as software developer.

In January 2020, I refocussed on Tradosoft and from October 2020 to May 2021 I travelled to Sweden. Since then I started multiple collaborations and the story continued.

Since September 2023 I moved to Malta to work on Salesforce apps and teach English to international students.

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