Work Style



As a Software Developer, I love to write code in a structured, clear and concise way. It eases transferring a project to another team or revising projects in the future. I seek to recognize patterns and look for opportunities to reuse code. I believe that double code means double maintenance.

Languages and architecture are my specialty. I love to see complex data structures and think about a way to make the data flow smoothly through a program which manipulates the data at several stages. Using encapsulation, I can create clean interfaces that put a complicated system behind a button and make systems compatible with other systems through cross-platform support or backwards compatibility. When projects are nearing completion, I consider optimizing them. What would make the system perform faster?

Tools can keep the development cycle short. When I find the time, I love to create different types of tools and invent custom made scripting languages. Examples of tools I developed are conversion tools, compilers and scripts that automate regular processes.


Some other things I enjoy are working in teams, a bit of entrepreneurship and managing computer systems, servers and networks. I have experience in various operating systems and usually find my way.