1Paddle Punch (solo coding)

Posted January 2nd, 2016 in Apps, Games, Portfolio by Michiel

Use 4 paddles to keep the ball inside the window!###

Improve your score by keeping up longer while the ball accelerates and become number one.


– Real-time multiplayer (beta)
– Live online highscores
– Top 200 highscores on website
– Notification when defeated
– Save checkpoints

Technical details

This application has been developed in 2015 – 2016 using Java.

More information

The game is available for Android on Google Play store Google Play store

Official Website


6Trados Operating System (solo)

Posted June 16th, 2015 in Portfolio, Systems by Michiel

A tiny game O/S which boots from a USB flash drive.###Trados is my own operating system which I have developed during the specialisation phase of my study at NHTV. It is developed for personal computers with a BIOS using Intel x86 Assembly in combination with C/C++. The name of the kernel is Trakern.

The operating system features
– A bootloader which boots from a USB flash drive
– FAT file system management
– A20 Gate enabled
– 32-bit Protected mode
– Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
– Physical and virtual Memory Management
– Keyboard driver
– VGA driver (320×200 256 colors)
– Process Management

Code sample: Bootloader