FDesert Tracks (solo coding)

Posted January 29th, 2012 in Games by Michiel

An arcade racing game in the desert featuring gerbils holding their annual race.###The gerbil clans are faced against each other when they run out of living space in the desert. They are holding their annual race to see which clan will get the largest space. The gerbil mechanics have been working hard to prepare the trucks for their clans. They may also sit in a truck in during the race and try to fix any technical problems that might occur while racing. The gerbil truck drivers have also been practicing all year long and may finally attend the race.


Desert Tracks was developed in 2012 using C++ for a programming assignment for university.

The art was made by Arno Tenkink.

Gameplay video

EPocket (team)

Posted January 12th, 2012 in Games by Michiel

A puzzle arcade game about a billiard ball that is trapped inside the table and wants to rescue his friends, the other balls.###While the owners moved their billard table, they accidentally dropped it. What they didn’t know was that the inside of the table became a total mess. All of the balls scattered around! One of them is the Lucky eight ball, a ball with special abilities. He is able to move and inverse its own gravity to overcome the obstacles. His duty is to rescue his friends, the other balls, from dangerous areas and bring them back to the collection chamber.


First place medal Best Programming Award (by NHTV)

First place medal Audience Award (by NHTV)

The team

Pocket was developed as a Gamelab project for school
in 2011-2012. We have made it as a team, Lucky8ball.

Michiel Pater (Team lead, programmer)
Ziemowit Piasecki (Art lead)
Wesley de Haas (Lead programmer)
Özgün Kizilca (Design lead, visual artist)
Michiel Mooij (Programmer)
Tobias Koepp (Visual artist)