ARaytracing (solo)

Posted July 30th, 2014 in Engines, Portfolio by Michiel

A Raytracing Engine which supports spheres, planes, triangles and models.###

It features Bounding Volume Hierarchy, Reflection, Refraction, Proper Light Transport with Distance Attenuation, Plane Texturing, Shadows from Area Lights, Anti-aliasing and Multithreading. The engine is written in 2014 using C++.

3RectRacer (lead coding)

Posted March 22nd, 2014 in Games, Portfolio by Michiel

RectRacer is a casual platform racing game. The game is based on rectangle shaped platforms and features an editor in which you can design your own levels.###

Be Rapid: Race rectangle shaped platforms
Be Creative: Design your own levels
Be Competitive: Beat your friend’s scores
Be Social: Compete in a marathon
Be You: Select your favorite character

The game
RectRacer is a casual platform racing game. The game is based on rectangle shaped platforms and features an editor in which you can design your own levels. There is a Top 10 score page for each level to add competition. And of course, there is a Party hot seat mode that allows you to compete against your friends.

Versus mode is a quick race in a single level and Marathon mode is designed to compete in three randomly selected levels that will automatically play one after the other.

Enjoy the race 🙂

The game is available for download on Steam.

Game Controls
Click on the map in the level select to start the game. To control your character, use the arrow keys. The up key is used for jumping. Reach a blinking square to finish.

Editor Controls
The short instructions can be found in the bottom of the editor. There are two map sizes which you can choose (10×10 and 20×20). You can switch between these sizes pressing tab.

Press space to open the block selection menu and press enter to place the block. Press S to save the map and return to the level selection menu by pressing escape.

The game is available for Windows on Steam store Steam

Official website


Technical details
RectRacer is developed in C++ using TradoEngine, Tradosoft Audio Engine and Netrado Network Engine.

XBox controller support and new editor menu with icons developed and added by Joell Stehouwer.